Add an assignment (with an attachment) for your class

  Teacher Support

You can set an assignment for your class to complete. When you add an assignment you can:

  • set the date it is due

  • attach a file like a resource, notes or worksheet

  • specify if the assignment needs to be completed on TYP and if the students will need to upload a file to complete the assignment. 

  • specify which students in your class are requiredto do the assignment (this allows for differentiation)

Add an assignment for your class

  1. Select the Assignments  page from the menu on the left of your dashboard.

  2. Click New Assignment
  3. Select the class you want to create the assignment for
  4. Enter the details of the assignment

  5. If you want to add an attachment such as notes or a worksheet you can click on Add File to select a file. You can attach multiple files to the assignment.

  6. Select the assignment type:

    General Assignment could be a study task or something your students have to do, it is not collected or reviewed on TYP.

    Specific Assignment is an assignment that students will have to type a direct response to in TYP, this will be reviewed by the teacher.

    If Specific Assignment is selected the student will have to attach a file in order to complete  the assignment. An example of this would be setting an assignment for the students to write a CV in a word document and requiring them to submit it for review on TYP.

  7. Expand Assign to Students if you want to exclude any students  from the assignment. By default, any new assignment is assigned to all students in the class. 

  8. Click Done