Category : Teacher Support Self-evaluation forms are provided for the students which gives them a series of questions and prompts. This encourages students to think, reflect and articulate their own evaluation of a range of different activities Set Your Students a Self-Evaluation Assignment Click on the Assignments tab. Click New Self-Evaluation. Select a class to assign the new ..

Read more Projects are like portfolio items and are more complex pieces of work than regular homework assignments. When completing a project for a subject, students will be able to submit a range of different files.  Set Your Students a Project Assignment Click on the Assignments tab Click New Project Select a class to assign the ..

Read more 1. Register your school for the first time The first member of staff in your school to sign-up to TYP will need to complete a few extra details to confirm the school’s account. Access codes for teachers and students can then be distributed by that teacher so that everyone can easily join your school’s ..

Read more As a teacher, one of the first things you will do on TYP is adding the classes you teach Once a class is added, you can: add or remove students manually instruct your students to join your class from their dashboard create assignments for your class share notices with the students in your classes ..

Read more Every year you will need to clear the TYP database for your school. This will erase: All student accounts and personal information including, assignments, learning logs and portfolio items   This will NOT erase: Teacher accounts, personal information and classes Reset for a new year group Log into your Teacher Account on ..

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