View and comment on a student’s Projects and Self-Evaluation

  Teacher Support

View a student’s Portfolio and Let’s Reflect reports

  1. Select My Classes page from the menu on the left of your dashboard.

  2. Select the class you want to view

  3. Click on the Portfolios Tab

  4. You will see:
    –  a list of all students who have uploaded Let’s Reflect reports that are associated with this class/subject

    – a list of all students who have uploaded Portfolio items that are associated with this class/subject and have been shared with you. (The student has clicked on the Star to Share icon after they upload the portfolio item)

  5. Expand the items to view/download the content that the student has uploaded

Comment on Portfolio Items

  1. Click on the portfolio item to expand the view

  2. Type your comment in the comments section underneath the portfolio item

  3. You can edit or delete your comment after you post it

Comment on Let’s Reflect Reports

  1. Click on the Let’s Reflect report to expand the view

  2. Click Annotate and the full view will load

  3. Highlight the text that you want to annotate and click on the speech bubble icon

  4. Type your comments and click save